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Free play reading of RUSS, a new play and political farce by Russell Block -- at The Crowd Theatre (3935 North Broadway, Chicago, IL) on Sunday, March 25th from 4 pm - 6 pm

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If the state of American politics is laughable, then it is a divine comedy. Shakespeare wrote the English history, but Americans could only hope to write the future. As any one in this democracy could gain office, ex-artist, and political phenomenon, RUSS, has abandoned his craft for the loathsome accrual of power. In the assassination of his rival for Illinois' open senate seat, Grant Park opens into a hellish facade, an active shooter scene that reveals the moral intrigues, personal history, and the failures of those other citizens in this democracy. We are developing this play for a full-production in the coming months.

At this reading, the book Amber, by Russell Block, will be available in print.

Excerpt from Amber, a forthcoming novel by Russell Block

Excerpt from Amber, a forthcoming novel by Russell Block

Bach: Sinfonia in C minor as played by Russell Block